Boost Your Energy Quickly


My Guru Me: 

1. Power nap.
Try not to oversleep. I know; sounds crazy right, especially when you’re really tired. But -if you can, try to get up at your usual time and take a quick midday power nap instead. Studies show that optimal nap time is 10 to 20 minutes to get you through the day without throwing off the night’s sleep
2. Go outside.
Head outside every chance you get— exercise, exercise, exercise!  Even if it’s just hitting the beach or going for a walk. Do it!!  If you’re not lucky enough to have at least a small rainforest nearby, a green park walk will do. Twenty minutes of outdoor exercise and fun is enough to re-energise a tired mind and body!
3. Laugh.
Laughter really is the best medicine and boots stress to boot,  laughing can also boost energy levels, too. I give you permission to go forth and be silly…you may make others laugh too! That’s a win for everyone.
4. Choose the window seat.
Move closer to a window (if you can) if you are at work or school. The daylight and fresh air, or even just an outside view can help boost alertness…as long as you are not overlooking a traffic jam with honking horns!
5. Straighten up.
Yes your mother is always right! Stop slouching … we do it over the computer, at the kitchen table and even while reading a book or watching TV. And yes; they do say that this slouching phenomenon could cause fatigue. (who are they ??? Not sure – but they sound right!) Sit up straight—that’s shoulders back and eyes ahead! See … feels better already— if you don’t find you feel better, and at least a little more energised by sitting with good posture, let me know. I find it works for me…especially if I have been at my desk writing for long periods of time.
Author's tip:
If you find yourself feeling tired, agitated or cranky and have a serious lack of energy – listen to your body! It’s asking you for a little rest and recuperation. Find yourself a quiet, comfortable, restful place to be still, as soon as appropriate – and be kind and gentle with yourself. Because you deserve to be looked after…especially by you.
curated from my guru me

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