The Story of Us: 01 March 16 … Food for thought.

The Story of Us:

This is my husband Brendan and our two children; Baden and Tyra. Almost two years ago Brendan was diagnosed with a differentiated pleomorphic sarcoma in his right femur. He has been fighting cancer ever since. In March of last year he lost his right leg to the disease.

Source blog post: The Story of Us: 01 March 16 … Food for thought from our previous blog explains why we no longer let anyone in our family use a laptop on their lap.  I hope in sharing – it helps others to make a different choice when using the same or a similar devices.

Life is good and hope is limitless…

PS: feel free to share our story with others if you are moved to do so.

Find more information on Rare Cancers: Here

Find more information on Sarcoma: Here

Join our The Story of Us fb Group: Here

 Thank you

You will also find all diary entries from June 2014 to March 2016 at The Story of Us -Blogspot


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