Ocean Rhythms


The Story of Us:

I was tired, it had been a long day already and I really didn’t feel like sitting under an unusually hot autumn sun for the next couple of hours awaiting the twilight cool. Begrudgingly I packed a picnic rug and a warm coat each (in the hope that at some point  we would be blessed with a cool sea breeze) and bundled the two kids into the car. Dad had decided to stay at home.

As we made our way to an empty patch of grass in front of the stage, to sit, relax and enjoy the music – my cranky mum mood started to thaw. I even began to feel happy that my two twelvies had dragged me along to their first music festival. I know for sure if they were old enough not to need a chaperone and a driver they would also have rather I stay at home. Attitude shift required, tiredness pushed through, I decided I should enjoy myself. After all how often do you get to go to a music festival by the beach in your own hometown?

There was a really happy, free and relaxed mood among the festival crowd of all ages, which was reflected in the 70’s inspired bohemian clothes worn by most. There were beautiful young girls with flowing hair and feathers in their hats, wearing midriff tops and fringed vests. There were flowing maxi dresses and floral kimonos, cut off denims and lot’s of bare feet. It was awesome.

I did think the young guy who had attached palm fronds to his tshirt may have gone a little too far, but what would I know I’m a child of the 60’s. He was cute; he owned it and he could be quirky if he wanted to be.

As the afternoon turned to night I had caught up with friends and watched some really good bands. My kids had met up with their own friends and moved down to the front of the stage, leaving me to my own devices…so when the last performer started to play I did what you are suppose to do at a music festival and danced like no-one was watching. Which of course they weren’t because everyone around me was doing the same thing.

I love where I live.

Moral of this story…sometimes you just have to let the kids (or friends or dog) drag you out of the house. Life will pass you by in the blink of an eye – if you let it.

Lesson learned!




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