How to Attract Abundance Into Your Life by Wayne Dyer –

Ten steps to feeling successful in your life.

Source: How to Attract Abundance Into Your Life by Wayne Dyer –

My Guru Me:

I have always believed that we have the power to create abundance in our own life. On a daily basis though; it is difficult to remember how, where and when to focus our thoughts and actions. And action is definitely required on our part.

How easy it would be if we could think it and miraculously we would have that dream car, job, partner, life. That however is not our reality. We have to take some responsibility in the creating; it is our life after all.

We need to know with 100% clarity in what ways we would like to be abundant. And we can’t just say in always, we need to think about the question and put positive thoughts and actions into making it happen…in all ways.

The source article for this post has some fabulous ideas from Dr Wayne Dyer’s “The Power of Intention”, on how to create abundance in your life. I think is worth the time to read, because we all deserve to be living an abundant life.





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  1. Wayne Dyer has his own style ….close to spiritualism!

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    1. calliemm says:

      I agree completely!

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