My Guru Me: 

Sometimes something happens that busts my little positivity bubble and it really pisses me off. Especially when the situation involves kids. The story I’m about to share was told to me by the mum of one of the kids involved. I am not going to share any names out of respect for the privacy of all, and really names don’t matter because this is the sort of stuff all kids go through – a lot of the time, and we as parents rarely hear about it.

To set the scene; a boy and a couple of his mates were at a music festival. He asked his mum if they could go for a walk to the skate park to see if any of their other friend were there. She said yes.

While there; an older boy who was with a friend whose family I happen to know  – decided to teach the young boy a lesson for touching a skateboard that had been hidden in the bushes. The younger boy was pushed, yelled at and sworn at in an attempt by the older to intimidate, and from what I know the younger and his friends left the skate park because of this.

They returned to the festival and continued to have fun, after removing themselves from a tricky and slightly scary situation.

You see my friends son and his friends have always been told to stand up for themselves; but also to remember that anyone who feels they have to act out of anger or meanness are responsible for their behaviour and not your reaction to it. They have also been taught that it is kind to forgive people who behave badly, but we often don’t forget when they do.

We should remind our young people as they grow up that their actions today create who they become tomorrow. Your reputation is the only thing you ever have full control over in life…so build a good one and protect it.

Imagine it’s fifteen years down the track and the older boy is a man, he walks into an office to be interviewed for his dream job and the younger boy is the man sitting there waiting to interview him! Forgiven but not forgotten….karma works in mysterious ways.

Let’s teach our kids to be kind, their future depends upon it!



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