My Energy Therapy

Callie Quiet Room and Reiki Practice: 

Blu Rose Energy Therapy: ….is based on a combination of Reiki techniques from several systems of reiki that I embrace and identify with in both my personal and professional practices. My practices are strongly influenced by the teachings of the Magdalene and the teachings of Solomon – these teachings flow through the unique Reiki techniques that I have developed since beginning my practice of the Reiki Method of Energy Therapy in 2002. I call my treatments Reiki treatments because I identify with, and am linked to the Usui/Hayashi/Takata Reiki lineage, through both the Usui Shiki Ryoho System & Chikara-Reiki-Do Systems of Reiki. The first System being considered more traditional by today’s western standards, the second far more progressive and possibly more similar in practice, if not attunement, to the teachings of the Magdalene and Usui’s original method of teaching.

Carolyn [Callie] Maddalena-Maloney: Reiki Practitioner

A qualified Chikara-Reiki-Do Master/Teacher, I am certified level I & II Usui Shiki Ryoho Practitioner and  am  attuned and certified in level I of the Seichim Reiki Method. I am a qualified – practicing Energy Therapist, who is certified in the art of angel card reading. I am not a fortune teller. I focus on helping my clients gain wisdom and maintain wellness mind, body and spirit while supporting them in becoming the most powerful person in their life.

As an Associate member of The International Institute For Complementary Therapists: my promise is to practice with integrity and gentle kindness always. Membership No:2508134185

Mission Statement: Creating abundance and wellness…through positive action today!

Blu Rose Energy Therapy: Complete wellness; mind, body and spirit through positive action is the main focus of the energy Therapy Sessions I offer. Using tried and tested techniques to assist a deeper, meditative relaxation – which is the optimum condition to support your bodies own innate healing capabilities.  The aim is to enhance overall wellness, peace and joy in your everyday life. With consistent practice; the use of traditional self-healing and relaxation techniques of Reiki Energy Therapy can help bring about a heightened awareness, wellness and a new found sense of inner wisdom and empowerment.

Blu Rose Connect Workshops:

Reiki Energy Therapy and Practice is non-denominational; it is not a religion, yet can definitely be used within any spiritual practice. You neither have to like the idea of or believe in it, to benefit from it.

Prior to my husband’s cancer diagnosis in 2014, I was working on a series of workshops to share the Chikara-Reiki-Do self-attunement techniques, the traditional Reiki Principles and Precepts, and many other aspects of the traditional Japanese healing art and relaxation techniques of Reiki practice.  With a contemporary twist  in keeping with a more modern outlook this series of workshops were designed to be a casual and friendly introduction to this method of Mind & Body Practice.  The consistent practice of which I feel has enhanced my own life. My workshops integrate techniques of practice from the 4 separate systems of Reiki Energy that I observe.

As mentioned above my teachings are strongly influenced by those of the Magdalene’s – the great masters of the Mysteries Schools; who were believed to be an order of spiritual initiates, teachers, healers and energy workers that were a part of the Essene community some 2000 years ago. They believed in living a holy life and honouring men equal to women, healing the sick, displaced and infirm, and they believed in a divine plan for moving humanity forward.

Ironically Maddalena; my maiden name is the Italian translation for Magdalene. I love that I have a connection to these wise, ancient healers, scribes and teachers through my family lineage and it serves as validation for me that energy work and writing is the right path for me to be on.

I look forward to bringing my correspondence workshops to all interested in learning what I know, in the near future.

4 commonly asked Questions about Reiki; an Energy Therapy

  1. What do you do? My Reiki Relaxation Sessions are a natural Energy Therapy focusing on inducing a deep relaxation through a hands-on / cloths-on energy therapy relaxation treatment, supporting & promoting the body’s own natural healing abilities. Regular Reiki practice and or treatments can also be a wonderful tool to enhance spiritual transformation and a means for accomplishing physical, mental and emotional healing on all levels. Along with an understanding and awareness of what is.
  2. Is it an invasive practice? My practice is based on a simple technique to enhance the client’s own natural healing abilities. I do not interfere with my clients energetic vibration, nor do I “remove” or “add” anything to or from it within a treatment. I simply help my client to reset their own self-healing mechanism through a deeper state of relaxation; the optimum condition for the body to heal through a gentle touch, natural therapy. I am not a medical practitioner and do not prescribe medication of any kind. I recommend all natural therapy used to support illness, healing and overall wellness be done so in conjunction with advice from your general medical practitioner, where needed.
  3. Why do I call it Reiki? I call my treatments – Reiki treatments because I identify with, and am linked to the Usui/Hayashi/Takata lineage. Reiki is the name Dr Usui gave to the energy we all have within that he learnt to manipulate and focus on with intent; to bring about healing to the mind, body and soul. He then created a system and formalised a method of teaching that system to others. As a reiki teacher it is not the energy that I give to you, you already have it. I share with you the tools, tips, methods and systems of Reiki Practice to help you activate, connect to and strengthen that energy…so that you can then enhance your own well-being on a daily basis. As a practitioner I can enhance that energy for you on your behalf, by connecting you with it through the hands on or distance techniques that I have learned through years of study & practice.
  4. Do you practice daily Reiki Self treatments.
    Absolutely! Yes I doThere is no better way to understand this amazing natural therapy than by experiencing it daily through self treatment.

 Reiki is for You! 8 amazing reasons why I think you should try it…

  • It builds inner strength.
  • It strengthens the mind, body  & spirit connection.
  • It encourages you to slow down.
  • It brings you back to Now.
  • It induces a deep sense of relaxation, the bodies optimum condition to self-heal.
  • It helps to clear your mind
  • It promotes feelings of Happiness & Calmness
  • It promotes better sleep


“At it’s most simple, reiki is a technique that quickly induces the relaxation response, a state that promotes healing and well-being. At its most profound, Reiki is a tool for spiritual transformation and a means for accomplishing physical, mental and emotional healing on all levels.” ~ Marianne Steich





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