Rare and Uncommon Cancers

One of the main reason I share my family’s story is to spread more awareness about rare cancers like the one Brendan is fighting.

Like all cancers, rare cancers are indiscriminate. Brendan is living proof that it can happen to anyone.

The medication keeping Brendan alive is listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, not everyone is that lucky. We hope that this medication continues to work for him for decades to come and for many others also – diagnosed with the same or similar rare cancers. 

We (my family) need more people talking about and becoming interested in rare cancers, we need more research into rare cancers and we need a higher percentage of funds being raised for cancer going toward rare cancer research to lift the survival rate to an acceptable level. Because we need Brendan.

As a concerned and protective wife, I am grateful every time a story like this one at abc.net.com is published; rare cancers need as much attention as they can get.

Thank you for being a part of the awareness we are trying to bring to rare cancers and for talking about them with others.

Cal xx

Life is good and hope is limitless.

Find more information on Rare Cancers: Here

Find more information on Sarcoma: Here

 Thank you

This is Brendan competing in the 2000 Australian Ironman; prior to his diagnosis was fit, strong and athletic. As a right leg amputee now; due to the rare cancer he has…he is still strong – and working hard at being fit and athletic too!

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    1. calliemm says:

      thank you for spreading awareness of this very personal (to my family and many others) and important topic. Callie x


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