What’s Your Daily Practise?

My Guru Me:

Up to 72 % of Australians have used Complementary therapies in the last 12 months!
were you one of them?
I know I was! I need my Energy boost every day; Reiki is my energy therapy of choice and I credit this practice for my sanity, peace of mind and for my ability to stand in my own power and use it – every day. It has also supported my well-being mind, body and spirit throughout my husband’s cancer diagnosis and on-going treatment. It is also a tool I rely on to support and comfort him and our two children throughout his ongoing treatment, when necessary.

Our children have never lived in a world without Reiki; as I became a practitioner before they were conceived, used it on them in utero and throughout their lives. I taught them the tools and techniques of practice when they were ten, and now they have the ability to use it independently. They do, often..

If you aren’t in 72 percenters…I highly recommend you give it ago. With such a broad range of therapies now available in our country…there really is something for everyone!



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