Pause & Breathe



As the school holidays draw to a close here, I am psyching myself up for another busy term ahead. I love that I personally get to enjoy a little bit of down time too; while the kids are home. I know I’m one of the lucky ones; I also get  to enjoy the lack of structure and a slowing down, that we all need and deserve to reboot from the often self-inflicted busy we find ourselves in from day to day.

In that slowing down I have found time to write more often; and in doing that I’ve stretched my creative muscle, and found myself not interacting on social media as much as I normally would. In doing this I have spent more time engaged in the real world and less in my virtual one – something I plan to continue.

Sure my business page has taken a hit, with circulation and reach dropping dramatically; but I feel good, and am enjoying a sense of freedom in letting go of the need to be “liked” and reachable. Every time I think the time is right to grow my practice; a major incentive to keep my social media pages current and engaging; circumstance proves it’s not. I have been well informed that it is Ok to let the pages sit for a while, knowing that everything will still be in place when the time is right. For now I can pause and breathe.

While continuing to breathe, I will keep supporting and enjoying my family, observe a daily practice or two and write! A quaint little book seems to be coming together? It may never see the light of day, but the enjoyment I am getting from reminiscing and the therapy in remembering, is almost equal to the fun of creating fictional characters; inspired by real events  and written with oodles of creative license. I would recommend it to anyone (writing your own book that is)!

It’s time to Pause and Breathe  🙂




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