A Book’s Journey

When my two 12 year olds asked what I was doing with the book that had the ribbon wrapped around it – I replied “I’m giving it to someone.”

When they asked who? I told them I didn’t know: whoever picks it up and thinks they might enjoy it.

Then they asked why?  I said, “Because books allow us to slow down and relax, teach us amazing things and activate our imaginations – and I love it when people are excited by that; and the surprise of an unexpected gift.”

Life is busy enough, and likes are easy to get from a meme that shares a moment of inspiration; that may move like wildfire through social media and then be as easily forgotten. A book is absorbed, remembered, enjoyed and talked about…for years to come -something to be experienced and loved.

I wanted to see if I could send a book slowly out into the world; that would give something to someone; a reason to pause. I asked my kids where they thought it might end up – maybe in twenty years we might hear that someone had read it while sitting in a cafe in Paris!

They said; “that would be really cool!”

And then Baden said; “or it might end up in the bin!”

Let’s hope not!

If at sometime in the next 20 years you find this book please don’t put it in the bin. (Our web address with a note is stuck to the inside of the cover.)  We would love to follow the journey it has taken, one person at a time: If you ended up here on this page because you have found and read our book, please feel free to let us know who you are and what city/country you live in. We will be very excited to hear from you!

May 3: 2016 update – Book 1: The journey begins!

Today my sister Deb and I took a morning walk down to the beach. It is a beautiful, sunny, May day. With much excitement I packed the first book I have chosen to send out into the world into my satchel bag. My copy of Eat, Pray, Love made me do it, was about to embark on a journey that will start in my home town and that I hope will never stop. I can imagine it being shared from reader to reader, town to town -maybe even country to country over the years, touching lives and hopefully bringing joy, peace or clarity – or all of the aforementioned to the hearts and minds of those finding themselves reading my copy. This book has been personally Reiki blessed by me in the hope that those who find it will also find love, peace and kindness -everyday moving forward.

This is my copy of Eat, Pray, Love – Made me do it: This book (my personal copy) begins  a Book’s Journey today – May 3: 2016

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