Update – The Story of Us

The Story of Us: two years down the track! It’s two years since we were first told that Brendan has an undifferentiated pleomorthic sarcoma: setting us on a path of discovery, heartache, hope, recovery, recurrence, disappointment, elation, exhaustion, confusion, anger, frustration, learning, teaching, acceptance, joy and love – to name just a few. A rollercoaster… Continue reading Update – The Story of Us


My Guru Me: If you have ever asked yourself how you can help someone going through a difficult time, this may help : This cancer stuff is hard and I know you would give anything to fix it and I know You would take it yourself if you could.  You can’t. I know you want… Continue reading Listen

Bren’s Oncology Review

The Story of Us: We are home from Brendan’s latest oncology review in the city. After his 7am PET scan this morning, Bren’s entire team were assembled by 10:30ish for the review; logistically no mean feat I’m sure. Oncologist: Dr V, Orthopaedic Surgeon: Dr P, Radiologist Dr (Name has slipped my memory as it wasn’t… Continue reading Bren’s Oncology Review

the simple things

Callie’s Quiet Room: Sometimes it’s the simple things that we need the most! A little relaxation never hurt anyone- so every chance you get take a minute to read, walk the dog, swim in the ocean, hike through the forest, hop on your bike, your board or your yoga mat. Garden. Have a cup of… Continue reading the simple things

Update: a book’s journey

A Book’s Journey: My two twelvies and I were very excited to receive a message of gratitude yesterday from the lovely lady who found our book…whose journey started a few weeks ago when we left it on a cafe table for its next reader to find. She explained in her message that it had come… Continue reading Update: a book’s journey

Ageing Somewhat Gracefully

My Guru Me: Here’s to Ageing; a privilege denied so many.  I choose to embrace it wholeheartedly; which is a good thing because with any luck it will continue to happen to me naturally. That’s not to say it doesn’t feel strange sometimes. It does. Like when finding the latest wrinkle -or smile line as… Continue reading Ageing Somewhat Gracefully

whispers from above

Callie MM & My Guru Me; Ever wondered if the universe is trying to tell you something? I have; and yesterday was one of those days. Due to an annual bout of the dreaded autumn head cold /hay fever/ stomach bug thingy that had me house bound for the best part of two weeks, I… Continue reading whispers from above