whispers from above

Callie MM & My Guru Me;

Ever wondered if the universe is trying to tell you something?

I have; and yesterday was one of those days. Due to an annual bout of the dreaded autumn head cold /hay fever/ stomach bug thingy that had me house bound for the best part of two weeks, I have not been able to do one of my favourite things- hang out solo at the beach. With Brendan’s next oncology review only a couple of weeks away, now is not the time to be neglecting my daily practice- as it’s always a fairly stressful few weeks in the lead up. You never really get use to sitting there waiting to hear if your husband is as well on the inside as he looks on the outside. Even though you are sure he is. If I’m not at the top my game, it can sometimes be hard not to succumb to the what if’s and maybes.

And so it felt wonderful to be on the beach again, gathering my thoughts.

I couldn’t help but think about Bren as I walked along; this short reprieve for me, a stroll on the beach, alone, doing what I loved- was still way out of his reach. I was going crazy and it had only been two weeks of not feeling well enough or able to get out and about, not two years.

As I walked along; the sand felt cool and squelchy underfoot and the waves rolled gently over my toes – the foam from which felt fizzy like wet sherbet. It was no surprise that there were several people swimming and even more surfers rolling around out the back, waiting to catch a wave, as the water was tepid and inviting for late autumn.

As usual I had the company of a couple of large, proud crow on my walk –generally they stay within my line of sight for the duration and today it was no different. I liked the company and the twang of their craw. It sounds like home. I know some people fear seeing Crow, I don’t –they  remind me to see the magic in me and others.

Crow – The Keeper of Sacred Law.

Spiritual meaning: Crow symbolism opens us up to the gifts of ancient wisdom; when crow has appeared for you – listen for messages that awaken your authentic self. You are being beckoned to use your “second sight”, develop and trust your intuition, use the gift of clairvoyance.

Known in ancient times to have been the one who safely guided souls from the living realms to the afterlife – today’s interpretation sees Crow as the Messenger of change –the passing away of the old and heralding the new. Crow is the essence of prophesy, magic and omens.

Crow: curated insight; original source- http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/symbolic-crow-meaning.html

Within minutes of hitting the beach I was also greeted by a large, if faint, rainbow that beckoned me forward as I walked toward it. It’s bow reaching from the ocean on my left to the trees at my right, made a beautiful arch and it felt like I might walk right under it if I was quick enough –I wasn’t. We have a history; rainbows and me. I have often seen them over the years when something special was happening. It felt good to see one today.

It stayed there, barely visible, to be enjoyed for the half hour I walked toward it. When it was time to turn around and head back the other way I walked for a few minutes and looked back over my shoulder to take one last look and it had vanished.

Rainbow – a Promise that the Troubles of Today will Surely Pass.

Spiritual meaning: Speaking directly to our heart and soul and filling us with awe, rainbows surround us with pure love. Bringing us a promise that today’s troubles will pass. When we see a rainbow we are being reminded to hold onto our faith and vision,  as rainbows bring with them fresh beginnings and a new prosperity.

Closely connected to spirit it is thought by many that rainbows are a sign from those who watch over us from above, reminding us to stay on our path and not get distracted. When you see a rainbow; release all expectations of the way you think things should be, and embrace this blessings of nature that comes as a gift of love and positivity from the universe. A quiet and gentle  whisper is letting you know you are on the right path.

Rainbow: curated insight; original source- http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/rainbow-symbolism.html

Before heading home I sat in my usual spot to observe my Reiki principles and send distant treatments to my husband, family and friends. After about 15 minutes I looked up from my work in the sand to see more than a dozen dolphins swimming by peacefully. Not a rare sight on our local beach, it’s also not something I see every day. When I am lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, they always take my breath away. As I watched them play just beyond the waves, the tiniest baby dolphin jumped out of the water, did a somersault and landed on her back, maybe even for the first time, before swimming along with the rest of her family. This made me squeal out loud, it was amazing to see- how lucky am I.

Dolphin: Brings healing to Mind, Body and Spirit

Spiritual meaning: Dolphins are in total harmony with their environment, and practice love for each other. They are always helping the young and the sick; providing guidance, healing and companionship. If a dolphin swims across your path you are being reminded to make time for joyful play yourself. Being that a baby dolphin showed itself to you, could mean that you need to nurture your inner child, let the children in your life show you how to have child like fun again.

Dolphin: curated insight; original source- http://www.spirit-animals.com/dolphin/  and http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/rainbow-symbolism.html

Feeling re-connected after spending just one hour at the beach; my sacred place- I was starting to feel like me again. Re energised, calm and happy…but with an overwhelming feeling I was being spoken to…that nature, our mother earth was sharing life tips and imparting her ancient wisdom with me freely. I just needed to slow down, connect and listen.

And now after looking at the three symbols that spoke to me the loudest: Crow, Rainbow and Dolphin, I think she (nature, the universe, those who watch over me from above, my inner wisdom) was trying to say this…

There is good news coming. Have faith in your inner knowing; and what you have always believed. Remain in balance. An old situation is ending to make room for the new; bringing prosperity in many forms. It’s time to celebrate and have fun with family, friends and community! You are loved.

Yes sometimes when you unknowingly ask the universe a question, I think she has the answers…  I am lucky that I had slowed down for long enough to notice the signs sent my way. I would normally think nothing of having the company of a crow, seeing a rainbow or being lucky enough to watch dolphins swim wild. But to be shown all three in the space of an hour – well that deserved a little thought and research to see what her answers were!

I would love it if we could all get out and about in nature more, simply because it is good for our health. And just maybe because the answers are out there! We just need to ask the right questions!

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Natures late afternoon light show -sunset from my backyard today.

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