Update: a book’s journey

A Book’s Journey:

My two twelvies and I were very excited to receive a message of gratitude yesterday from the lovely lady who found our book…whose journey started a few weeks ago when we left it on a cafe table for its next reader to find. She explained in her message that it had come to her at a wonderful time and proved to be confirmation of something important to her.

This doesn’t surprise me; books have a way of finding themselves in the hands of someone who needs the message that they hold. I know this for sure because if it hadn’t been for a book a friend had given me weeks before I met my husband … we may not have met at all.

Out of that book, one thing in particular stuck with me. It was the part that said: ‘when your eyes meet with a strangers for more than a few seconds, do what you can to speak with them.’ Basically it went on to say that it would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t.

So the night my husband and I met; when this happened, twice in two separate locations -I took the books advice and went up to him and introduced myself. Not something I would usually do. (I’m shyer than I look -he would disagree) Still together 20 years and two children later…I’m thinking having that book fall into my hands just before we met was a little more than serendipitous! Maybe there was a whole lot of Divine timing and intervention going on as well.

So there you go; books aren’t just for our education, company and enjoyment…they are match makers too and much, much more.

May we all continue to create and or share them in infinite ways.

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