My Guru Me:

If you have ever asked yourself how you can help someone going through a difficult time, this may help :

This cancer stuff is hard and I know you would give anything to fix it and I know You would take it yourself if you could.  You can’t.

I know you want to say or do the right things, but there are no right things to do or say. I feel like I have upset you a lot of the time and I feel bad for that. I don’t mean to.

I am getting through this the best way I can and want you to know that having you there for support, is a comfort . It’s important. I need that. It’s not always the grand gestures you know. Sometimes it’s the tireless work of love that goes unnoticed by all but those receiving – that shines the brightest light.

When I am ready to talk, I can only ask that you listen. I’m not ready to hear the stories and statistics that you know. In truth I know them all and they don’t help. Fixing this is not your job. All you can do is be there, and listen.

Above all else, that is what I need from you the most right now. An ear that listens. There are those that hear and I am happy that they do – but it is a rare, compassionate heart that listens without interjection, comparison or judgement. When you listen you have the wonderful ability to lift my burden, even if only for a moment, allowing me to breathe. That is what you can do for me.

Love me like you always have and listen.



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