The smallest hope is enough to cause the birth of love – Henri B Stenhal


Can you imagine what you would do if you could do all that you can do? -Sun Tzu

A Winter Wonderland

Apologies to my friends that actually live in a cold climate; but here on the NSW Mid North Coast we are well into winter and to be honest only a couple of days ago I was still walking on the beach in a sleeveless top. Not so this morning. We were warned on the news…

The Power of Words

How others interpret your words is their business…the intent behind them is yours!

Reblogged: Day 292:it’s all about categorising

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A dear friend once said to me….”always leave yourself  an escape route”. Day 292 June 18 2016 ? I was thinking of this today as my mind spent the morning sorting through the current commitments I have made….categorising the parts that I am happy to continue to explore and identifying the parts where maybe…


Perfection is Unattainable! Or so I’ve been told. I know that’s not true. Look in the mirror. Perfection is You.   Daily Prompt: Perfection


I have always loved this City but didn’t understand how important she would become to me until that day, sitting shell shocked and afraid for my husbands life – within a building on the street of her most vibrant, eclectic inner-city precinct. As she wrapped her arms around my husband and me, safely holding us…

Role playing

To do whatever is required of you in any situation without it becoming a role that you identify with is an essential lesson in the art of living that each one of us has to learn. You are most powerful, most effective, when you are completely yourself. ~ Eckhart Tolle : A New Earth. Deb,…

Finding Great Wisdom

My Guru Me: For many years now I have been journaling, a form of guided writing: where I find the most interesting wisdoms as I write. Different names come through to credit these writings, but the most familiar to me is my beloved Solomon. Funnily enough, while going through old files today I opened this…