Finding Great Wisdom

My Guru Me:

For many years now I have been journaling, a form of guided writing: where I find the most interesting wisdoms as I write. Different names come through to credit these writings, but the most familiar to me is my beloved Solomon. Funnily enough, while going through old files today I opened this one from 2014. Funny because it relates to a conversation I had on Friday and may explain what I was trying to say in a more concise manner.

Solomon is always concise!

The journaling question asked was this:  What would you tell us today?  

I would tell you what you already know. That you suffer by your own hand the most, and in looking for someone to blame you continue to miss the lessons being shown to you.

You are never the victim of your circumstance, unless it is what you chose before you ever began your life here on earth. As each situation in your life presents, it is you that is the master at the helm. Many of you have forgotten this. You will choose your direction at each forked road and that choice will come from that which you have learnt or not.

Some choices will see you reach that fork many times in different guises, over many different lifetimes.  You will move in your true direction only when you have mapped your course correctly and learned from the wrong turns you have taken.

Let this not slow your path, fear will only stall you. Know that you have the courage to choose your right direction every time, yet it may not be the easy course or the most inviting situation that leads you to the promise of a more peaceful and joyous journey.

Remember that some of life’s greatest teachers will appear in the most humble of vessels. Know that not all vessels will be what you expect. Some will be unforgiving others unforgivable. Some courageous and formidable. Many will love you without condition. Others will not.

All will offer lessons from which only you can choose to learn.

Be still and quiet often. It is from within that the greatest wisdom can be found.

– Solomon


Parts of this journaling have stayed with me over the last two years and I have pondered them often. I remember it being a very confronting piece when I first received it. It took some time to digest, as it came quite soon after Brendan’s diagnosis…and in truth I am still digesting. But I do get the fundamentals and endeavour more often than not to take responsibility for the things that happen to and around me – or at the very least how I react to them.

Cal xx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb Emery says:

    I have never read the writings of Solomon… But, funnily enough I too have lived a life where i have had to, sometimes by accident, live by his words. It is a concise way to gain something from each interaction we have each moment of each day… a lesson especially for the young ones who find it hard to understand why things happen to them. ❤ thanks for sharing.. as usual a pleasure to read your work… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. calliemm says:

      🙂 thank you Deb x


  2. alihaigh365 says:

    Wise words…..channelled through a wise woman…..thank you for finding the quiet moments in yourself to bring through Solomon’s words, they bring peace and understanding! xxx


    1. calliemm says:

      thank you Ali xx Let’s try to catch up this week. We turned around and last week was gone before we got a chance to do anything in our house. I’ll give you a ring xx


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