I have always loved this City but didn’t understand how important she would become to me until that day, sitting shell shocked and afraid for my husbands life – within a building on the street of her most vibrant, eclectic inner-city precinct.

As she wrapped her arms around my husband and me, safely holding us to her heart, his cancer treatment began. She would prove to us over and again; in her grace and wisdom, that life is good and hope is limitless and that the hours of travel by road from small town to city would reap unrepayable reward – life could be spared and love continued.


Daily Post: City


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  1. Have you thought about Natural Treatment for Cancer? Sending love and light Scott.

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    1. calliemm says:

      Thank you Scott, yes, as a Reiki Practitioner – natural therapy has been apart of my husband’s treatment plan from the beginning. We are fortunate that his treatment is managed at a purpose built cancer centre of excellence, integrating both traditional medicine and complementary therapies. (The hospital is the vision of a man who was not only a world renowned surgeon and cancer specialist, he was also a cancer patient who was open to both traditional medicine & natural therapies.) We are happy with my husband’s treatment plan. The cancer he has is rare and aggressive by nature and to be honest we don’t have the luxury of waiting and seeing how any number of therapies might work. We have made the choice of sticking with what is proving to work right now and what is also offering my husband a good quality of life. What the future holds, like for anyone – is unknown. For now life is good and hope is limitless. Sorry for such a long reply. But I really wanted to pay your question the attention it deserved 🙂 Callie


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