A Winter Wonderland

Apologies to my friends that actually live in a cold climate; but here on the NSW Mid North Coast we are well into winter and to be honest only a couple of days ago I was still walking on the beach in a sleeveless top. Not so this morning. We were warned on the news last night that an Arctic blast was on its way.

The morning of said ‘Arctic Blast’ came around quickly,  I jumped out of bed and threw on as many warm garments as I could find, along with my Ugg boots – and said to my husband…”I guess the cold shouldn’t stop me from going for my walk??”

“True darling”…I imagined him saying; me snuggling up to him  on the lounge in front of the morning show on TV, as the kids braved the cold to make their way to the bus,  a steaming cup of hot coffee warming my frost bitten fingers! …”But make an exception today!”

“No it shouldn’t!” was his real time reply. Yep; that faint arggghhhh, was the sound of me being yanked right back into reality.

‘I love that this man keeps me motivated’…I didn’t say to myself! But I do, don’t tell him that though. Begrudgingly I pulled all my layers off, put some walking gear on and headed for the beach. And then something miraculous happened!!

When I stepped onto the freezing cold sand… ( it was only 15 °C…that’s cold here, but I think the arctic blast may still be coming)  I looked around and took in a couple of nice, deep, steady breaths and felt fabulous! It was so good to be out and about. Only ten minutes ago I didn’t want to leave the house, and now I was not only outside – I was Earthing: or running around barefoot and loving it (which is what we called earthing when I was growing up).

13466456_10154238843659035_2970861913332766701_n (1)
Earthing turned into a drenching when a wave caught me by surprise…Lucky the water was warm!

So; the moral of this story is? Don’t let the cold keep you inside – unless someone is willing to cuddle up with you on the lounge! Oh – and earthing is as much fun as an adult, as running around barefoot was as a kid.


I love my winter wonderland 🙂



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