Daily Prompt: Journey

Father was in banking until retrenched during the recession of 69. Fortunately he had made good investments while at the bank in both construction and the property market.  Seeing the potential of his wife’s artisan enterprise, he did what very few men would have done in that time – believing my mother was a risk worth taking; he backed her talent with their life savings.

Where others fearfully held onto any security they had, my parents purchased a warehouse. This would herald the beginning of a grander life. The pair would soon create the newest and most exciting Luxury Jewelry House in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

Leaving their two small daughters with his mother in Connecticut, William and his wife Jacqueline set off on a journey of hope that would have seemed unfathomable to most. Working  passionately seven days a week they built their dream into the success story it was destined to become. Yet nobody knew at the time of the sacrifice the banker and his artisan wife had made in choosing not to stay and raise their children. Least of all them.

Left in the care of their grandmother, the two little girls couldn’t possibly understand how difficult it had been for their parents to leave. We knew only from a child’s point of view at the time that we had been abandoned, and we were crushed. Although this would strengthen our resilience from an early age and forge an unbreakable bond between the two of us, it would also drive a wedge so deep between our beloved parents and us, that we grew to believe that a lifetime would probably not repair it.

*from A Time for Grace: a work in progress.


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