Daily Prompt: Punishment

Punishment, pleasure and pain! Just writing a scandalous book about a wealthy, handsome male protagonist and his taboo adult playtime antics caused a worldwide frenzy not long ago, and contrary to popular belief it wasn’t bored mum’s filling in time waiting for their kids to come home from school doing all the reading.  Mums don’t have time to get bored!

The general population were screaming out for a little raunchy sex talk and didn’t care who knew it. People everywhere were openly and proudly admitting to some voyeurism and a whole lot of misguided romance envy, as they paid the price of a book to get hot under the collar, if not the covers! Including me, well I read the first two chapters of the first book and didn’t like the weak female lead or the obnoxious male, too early to be judgemental…probably! But I don’t have time to be bored.

It was an interesting time for many, mojo was rediscovered and that can only be a good thing, as sales of beautiful lingerie and cheeky adult toys increased and girls of all ages adopted the subtle but sexy stained lip and glowing skin (this happens naturally when you have more sex…really!) of a very youthful Ana.

Punishment – pleasure or pain? Having to read a book to give yourself permission to go a little wild could just be the epitome of all three.



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