Delaying or postponing something, dithering,  stalling, temporizing, hesitation, humming and hawing; dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying; kicking the can down the road. Basically, doing anything other than what you think you should be doing.

Everyone’s doing it! Aren’t they?

Without a doubt I would say, if anyone asked, that one of my most challenging traits is that I am an accidental, maybe on purpose, shilly-shallier. I could dilly-dally all day long while kicking the can down the road. I’m doing it now.

Today my Oracle Wisdom Card (I try to read one every day) gently shouted out from above ‘Clean it Up’. This could mean a million different things metaphysically, but it’s also a reminder to actually grab the broom and clean it up! I will, I will, I’ll get to it. Just like I’ll eventually finish the three books I’m reading at the moment. Did I really just join a book club? I’m going to need a bigger bag!

Let’s not even get me started on writing! Ok for the purpose of this post, lets. I currently have 3 + works in progress:

Ollie and Jax: a multi generational novel about love, betrayal, heartbreak and karmic law, centred on the De-Ville Family. It is set in the beautiful Yarra Valley and Coastal areas of Victoria, Australia. (7 chapters in, and I can’t find the USB stick they are stored on, Bugger!)

A Time for Grace: a love story interrupted but not overshadowed by tragedy. Loosely based on actual events, it follows Grace and Angus – as they negotiate marriage, children, family drama and an unexpected, life changing event. What could tear them apart will only make them stronger? Time will tell. Set in Providence, RI (4 chapters in, rewrites are driving me insane…I know write before you rewrite! Right!)

The character’s in Ollie & Jax  and A Time for Grace are actually living, breathing and buying groceries – in my head … I need to get them out so I can get some sleep!

The Dragon and the Magical White Light: a children’s book. This story explains the mind, body and spirit connection, and shares simple, easy to understand tools and techniques of self-empowerment, woven through a magical adventure of self-discovery. (3 chapters in –and I want my kids to read this… but they could be 21 before it’s finished!)

Our Never Ending Story: a wife’s diary about a family living with cancer as they negotiate Dad’s diagnosis, treatment and ongoing recovery. (Plenty of chapters written in real time, needs organising and editing… not really ready to do that)

A Daily Practice: I series of 21 daily practice lessons featuring easy techniques to develop and incorporate into your normal day to day, to self-empower and increase overall wellness. (5 lessons written…lot’s to go, at around 10 pages per lesson, they could possibly be a work stalled for sometime)

With so much procrastination going on, you can only imagine how many things there are to ‘Clean Up’ around here. Hang on there’s someone at the door….ahhh, our first book club book has just arrived! Thanks Kaneana, looks like the clean up will have to wait. Who said I procrastinate?



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