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To Be or Not to Be – on a Committee: 

Some Australian State Schools, both primary and high, are supported by Parents and Citizens Associations. These groups provide volunteer support, raise funds for infrastructure and other expenses and assist in the administration of their school.

A large part of many P&C activities is the provision of subsidies to school excursions and other supplemental and extracurricular activities.

P&C’s encourage the general public and local businesses to become involved with their local schools.

Thank you Wikipedia for the above explanation, I know I had forgotten just how much the P&C contributes to our schools and our children, this is a nice reminder.

Oh, and they also run the school’s canteen, from what I understand, so,  if there are no P&C members there is no committee and if there is no committee there is no canteen and that would suck for the kids that like to occasionally eat from the canteen, like mine do!

Yes, I guess this is just what it looks like, a little rallying of the troops from a very unlikely source. Those of you who know me, know that I would usually rather avoid committee’s altogether, but, it’s time to put my big girl panties on I think. Plus, joining the P&C is a great way to find out what’s going on around the school. As, these days I don’t really have a clue, my twelvies aren’t over sharers.

Anyway – I’m writing this because tonight I went to my kid’s high school P&C meeting. It’s only the second one I’ve been too, because like everyone, (judging by the number of people that have been at the same two meetings as me) it’s hard to find the time in the busy, to get to one. And like a lot of people I know, I don’t like being on committees (as mentioned above), not my forte, being on one sits just outside my comfort zone – as in, please don’t give me job, please don’t give me a job!

So tonight it occurred to me, that it has been manageable for me to get to 2 meetings in the last 6 or 7 months! (yeah I know, huge effort, go me) Now, I’m guessing that with almost 1000 kids attending the same school as my two, there has to be at least 100 parents or carers out there that can make one or two meetings between now and the end of the year, there’s only one meeting a month. I don’t think you know how amazingly helpful and supportive you would be, by just showing up.

Tonight along with the school principal, the deputy principal, a canteen representative and bookkeeper- there were also four mums of students present; two of whom were the P&C President and the P&C treasurer. We had a single mum (who had 2 of her 3 children with her) a working mum, a mum that has her own business and a mum who is her partner’s full time carer. Between the 8 people there, we had the busy spectrum pretty much covered. I guess I won’t be using busy as an excuse if I don’t make it, when I attempt to show up for at least 2 more meetings before the end of the year.

The people that are at pretty much every meeting: the teachers, the P&C President and P&C treasurer –  won’t tie you down and force you to do anything you don’t want to do, they’re a pretty nice bunch, and will just be really grateful to see new faces.

When the next meeting rolls around, I’m going to try to be there and I’m wondering if I can entice a couple of my friends, or some strangers even, to come along too…the meetings start at 5:30 pm and finish at 7:30pm –  finishing right on dining out time!  Or at least coffee and cake 🙂  And there are several restaurants just down the road from the school – who’s in?

Another bonus that comes from getting to a P&C meeting – for me, is that I get brownie points from my kids, they seem to like the idea of me being involved with the school in some way….or it could be that I bring pizza home for dinner, they might like that even more??

My answer to the To Be or Not To Be question….Well I have no answer and can’t promise I will be the perfect committee member with a perfect attendance record from this day forward, I won’t even promise a good attendance record. I am going to try to make a helpful contribution though, as often as I can. Like all of you that I have hopefully inspired 🙂 , I will try my best to show up! I know I’ll get to a few a year, at the very least. If we could all do that it would boost our schools valuable P&C committee immeasurably.


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