VW-Hunt & Pick

There is nothing like a good hobby to keep you busy. When your life has been invaded by cancer, being busy in an enjoyable, purposeful way,  can be really important to the recovery and well-being of the entire family – especially when it’s a project we can all contribute to…

VW – Hunt & Pick is our family, just for fun: inspiration, hunt, pick, buy & sell hobby! Besides all things Volkswagen, we are on the lookout for new, recycled and bespoke items to buy and sell, repurpose and upcycle; including but not limited to: vintage pieces, vintage reproduction/inspired items and anything else that is irresistible or useful to us, or we think might be to someone else -absolutely anything could end up on our  VW -Hunt & Pick fb page at some stage! Feel free to pop over and have a hunt and pick anytime! Or just to say hello 🙂

Brendan is particularly interested in Volkswagen cars: all models, parts and panels. If you are too, you will also find him at Brendan Maloney : on fb.

VW – Hunt & Pick


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