Daily prompt: Together

The wonderment, the pure awe I felt looking down at my stomach, that had stretched to be almost as round as I was high; was indescribable.

Two perfect little humans were growing in there together, and I couldn’t wait to meet them!

As it turned out I wouldn’t have to wait long.

They arrived eight weeks early and have been in a hurry  ever since!


I find writing, playing with fiction especially, to be a great escape from the busyness of life, which is why I enjoy participating in Daily Prompts when I have the time.

Having said that, the main focus at  is to share awareness of the rare/uncommon cancer my husband Brendan has…

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.
You can also join us at our facebook group:
Or hit “The Story of Us” Category to read more about the in’s and out’s of living with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS)
Life is good and hope is limitless.

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  1. Very beautiful and cute 🙂 Touched my heart!


  2. Nice one Callie 😊

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    1. calliemm says:

      Thanks Suyog 🙂

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  3. luckyjc007 says:

    Very heartfelt and beautiful! 🙂

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