Daily Prompt: Dilemma

‘Why?’ She asked herself, as she hit her closed fist against her forehead one or two times more than was necessary, at the quandary she had found herself in.

Why would he ask that, now, here? Couldn’t he see how ridiculous it was? She could have said yes! Not embarrassed him in front of a restaurant full of smiling faces around festive tables, enjoying their Christmas celebrations. But wouldn’t it have been worse to do that and take it back later.

So there she was, locked in the ladies loo, by her own hand, wondering what would be an appropriate period of time to wait before heading back to the table after rejecting his proposal. He had all but got down on one knee. People were ready to cheer. Now she was hiding out, as the waitress consoled his wounded heart.

‘Damn!’ She thought out loud, wishing the window sitting open, just above her head, was bigger!


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