kids and dogs

November 3: 2016…

This week was all about kids and dogs at our house, how nice it was to have cancer be the last thing I thought about as we got up each morning. Although with treatment ongoing, cancer was still very much a part of our every day, it was great to have an extra little bit of sparkle in our life, that the kids and dog brought. I’m sure if you are on my social media sites you didn’t miss the posts that reflected this – I may have overdone it on the puppy pic’s, but he’s just so bloody cute.

This week’s story went a little like this….

Breathe, she heard herself say on more than one occasion as the week progressed. Between loving and being completely at her wits end with the cutest little ratbag that was their families new rescue pup, and driving her husband to the cancer centre an hour up the road everyday … this week it felt like they were on a merry-go-round spinning out of control.

How ironic that a dream of hers was to open a quiet room one day: in the near or not so near future, and yet at the moment she could barely find time to practice mindfulness herself. Never a good thing, no matter how many ways she had learned to stretch her imagination. What is it with perpetual busyness? It seems to haunt us all, she knew better than to be pulled into the black hole that it was – but she was, often.

Amidst the madness of busy, something amazing happened this week. One morning, Wednesday morning to be exact, she and her husband woke to realise they were living in a house with two teenagers. A fleeting memory floated through her foggy morning brain, she tried to shake herself awake, as she did, the teenagers sat on her bed opening their presents so she and her husband didn’t have to get up at 5:45am. They were already proving to be very nice teenagers!

Watching them opening their birthday gifts now, she remembered looking down at them, asleep in one cot, end to end, the first week they came home – thirteen years ago. Tiny preemies still. She had thought to herself… ‘When they are teenagers I’m going to be in my 50’s – I wonder what that’ll be like?’

Well now I know!

It seemed such a far away time then, and here we are: two teenagers, a 50 something mum, 40 something dad and a very cute puppy all living happily together under one crazy roof. All these years later, riding life’s roller coaster with hands gripped tight, hanging on for dear life and making the best of each day as it comes!

Here’s to the teenage years, may they be full of fun and laughter, lots of adventure and not too many troubles. I know mistakes will be made, after all that’s what teenage years are for, I hope that theirs will be small ones and the lessons learned worth it…and their faithful friend Otis will be there to hear all their secrets and soothe the odd broken heart when needed.

Life’s good and hope is limitless



meet Otis – part mastiff part boxer (we think) all gorgeous, with a fair bit of mischief thrown in for good measure.

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