Finding time for Wisdom

As you know (from my banging on about it all the time) I am not someone who likes to glorify the busy; I’m more about slowing down the pace and living in the now. So when the busy catches up with me, running me down like a fully laden truck with no brakes, I kind of lose my equanimity and ability to Be; I don’t like how that makes me feel.

Action Step required …  find time for a little mindfulness and attempt to make it a daily practice (again)!

What this does is help me recalibrate, reset to my calmer default setting and breathe. I’m trying everyday to find a small window of Be time to sit in quiet reflection for as long as I can. When I do, amazing wisdoms often come to me, bringing with them a sense of peace and inner calm.

Recently after a little Be time, I journalled with Solomon for a bit. Ah the things he tells me when I quieten mind!  Some of the things I wrote were simple reminders, other journalings were snippets of wisdom I was hearing for the first time. It all meant something to me -personally.  Everything that comes to me is for my own purpose, I sometimes share it here in the hope that it may also resonate with others.

Here is some of Solomon’s wisdom… as I heard it! 

  • The greatest gift you can give a child is the knowledge that their parent is a decent, kind and loving human being.
  • If All knew the power of words, there would be more care taken in using them.
  • Patience is a lesson in choices
  • Time is a fantasy created by you…now is your only reality
  • You say you can’t wait till tomorrow, I tell you if you are patient – it will come to you
  • You ask what death is, I remind you that it is but a brief moment in time. All that comes before and after that moment is living.
  • You ask why I can’t fix the things in your life that seem not to be working out. I remind you that I can, but where would the learning be for you if I did.
  • You said: some lessons are hard. I say to you only this: “Yes, they are!”
  • You told me they* don’t care. I remind you that is not true: they who do not are not where you are.  They do not understand; that’s all. Love them anyway, learn from them all the same.

Remember dear child that every choice you make brings with it a lesson in consequence, guided by karmic law. It is not correct to view karma as a punishment; to do so may only bring disappointment. In truth karma is a learning, a law: lessons that when undertaken will move you forward, it will aid you in gaining a higher perspective, along with an acute awareness of what is. Some of the hardest lessons you are shown bring the greatest strength with them. You know this to be true. Understand that each lesson in your life, no matter who brings the karmic law forward, is yours.

You will find throughout your earthly life that you and those around you will constantly make choices in which a balancing of karma can occur. Some of you will move with Grace and ease through these lessons, others will choose a more difficult and much longer path.

Some lessons will be yours alone; some will benefit others also.

Ask not that you can change what is meant to be, but that you be given the strength and courage to accept what is, as you do all you can to live a wonderful, purposeful and fulfilled life.

Divine help is available to all who ask.


 they* is a personal and individual reference – not pertaining to my family, friends or community.


I find writing to be a great escape,  a fun and creative way to take a few minutes and shift focus and share ideas.

Having said that, the main focus at  is to share awareness of the rare/uncommon cancer my husband Brendan has…

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma. 

You can also join us at our facebook group:

Or hit “The Story of Us” Category to read more about the in’s and out’s of living with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS)


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