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While my daily focus is on my husbands wellness as his carer, along with caring for our two children, our pup, myself and our home – I am still passionate about the work I do when not doing all of that. I wish to share what I have come to know through a regular daily practice – with others, in the hope of empowering you to connect to your inner strength and wisdom, enabling you to enhance your wellness, mind, body and spirit…through positive action today!

The tools and techniques of practice I will share, have helped me to maintain a balanced and positive outlook (most of the time) throughout the cancer journey my family have found ourselves on. I had long discovered, through a daily practice, an inner strength and abundance of untapped inner wisdom that has sustained me. I wish to share that – with you

Just before my husband Brendan was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 we were both getting ready to jump into the exciting unknown, we were preparing to begin our own start up business ventures. I was opening  an energy therapy practice and he was about to embark on a Personal Training course to begin his own PT business. We knew it was quite a leap of faith, we also knew that the two businesses would be very complimentary to each other. We were excited!

Of course, we now know – cancer had other ideas!

So, now I am slowly releasing many of the digital products I have both acquired and developed over the years for my practice (the opening workshops of which, were booked  in for June 2014, the month Brendan was diagnosed). I have endeavoured to start up again a couple of times since, but it seems cancer is not finish with us yet – so instead of keeping the information and tools of practice to myself, I will share some every now and then, at the link below.

Most often, items will be listed at a price you choose to pay…in the hope of making them available to everyone.


I am a qualified Reiki Master and Practitioner who has studied, connected to and practiced several systems of Reiki Practice, both traditional and the more progressive, since 2002.  I am also a Certified Angel Card Reader (TM). Over time I have developed my own method of practice. I have integrated lessons from each system I have studied into a gentle, natural method of energy therapy – inspired not only by the teachings of Usui and my personal Reiki teachers, but also the teachings of  Solomon and The Magdalene. I am happy to share what I have discovered with all those interested, in an effort to help you empower yourself with some tools & techniques to enhance your own inner strength and wellness.


E-Products allow you to purchase products such as MP3’s, e-Books, PDF, and just about any type of digital file. Unlike conventional products, links to the e-products are generally emailed to you upon purchase and can be downloaded instantly on receiving the email.

My digital products are listed on a digital products platform for self-publishers called Sellfy. You can go straight to my items by following this link to my profile page.

How to Order

  1. go to my sellfy profile page by following the link above or clicking the image with this post
  2. Choose the item you like
  3. you can listen to a sample if it is an MP3
  4. choose any price you wish to gift for the item – from a minimum of US.90 cents (minimum is set by Sellfy. $0.00 was not an option in setup. US 0.90 is approx AU $1.21 at time of publishing)
  5.  using the indicator arrow at the buy now button – choose a price you are happy with
  6. Proceed through checkout following the prompts using PayPal


If you know of anyone who may benefit from what I have to offer please share this post, I would be very grateful.

Cal xx


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