Reflections: 2016

Reflections: 2016, yes –it’s nearly over. Looking back I won’t be sad as I hum Auld Lang Syne this New Year’s Eve; I’m kinda glad 2016 is just about time gone by. For all its beauty and wonder, life, after all should never be short on those; it was a year that saw cancer dictate… Continue reading Reflections: 2016


Daily Prompt: Maddening I know I have to do it, but I just can’t seem to gather the energy needed to face the maddening crowd of Christmas shoppers out there this year, all bustling and jolly. Just thinking about walking into another festively decorated shopping centre, Christmas carols playing, shop assistants smiling, makes me want… Continue reading Maddening

What Christmas Personality are you?

The Grumpy Grinch I’m feeling a bit exhausted by the thought of Christmas? My Christmas wish this year is that I maintain a little sanity; as I try to focus on love and peace, while in a mad panic – I drive 100 or more kilometres in a round trip to catch up with all… Continue reading What Christmas Personality are you?