Daily Prompt: Maddening

I know I have to do it, but I just can’t seem to gather the energy needed to face the maddening crowd of Christmas shoppers out there this year, all bustling and jolly. Just thinking about walking into another festively decorated shopping centre, Christmas carols playing, shop assistants smiling, makes me want to curl up and go back to sleep. Looks like the Grumpy Grinch is hanging around…shake it off, where’s Taylor Swift when I need here?

‘Don’t worry’ reminds the Festive fairy, ‘you still have a whole week to go – you’ll get it done!’

I guess there’s no rush then – right 🙂 Sleep it is!



I love participating in writing & photo challenges, they are a great escape from the busyness of life, a fun and creative way to take a few minutes to shift focus.

Having said that, the main focus at  is to share awareness of the rare/uncommon cancer my husband Brendan has…

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.
You can also join us at our facebook group:
Or hit “The Story of Us” Category to read more about the in’s and out’s of living with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS)
Life is good and hope is limitless.

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