Wisdom on Sunday

Wisdom Oracle: card 5

We cannot be all things to all people, but remember to some we are everything.

It’s time to clarify what it is you want to do and move forward with a clear plan. Have confidence in what you know. You are amazing: repeat after me… ‘I am amazing!’

If you are feeling a sense of loss, or feel you are dealing with something on your own, know that this is only true if you believe it’s true. You are surrounded by loving support, and you are being asked to look at things from a different perspective to understand you are not alone.

Be your true you, unique and unrepeatable, this will not only attract abundance to you, it will show how abundant your life already is. And remember to enjoy your own company sometimes, going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely, take some time to enjoy your own fabulousness without feeling like an orphan!

Tip Jar:

If you’re feeling a bit deflated, get out and about: go to the beach, a walk in the park or walk the dog, see a movie, volunteer, go to a cafe or have a picnic in your own backyard. It’s Sunday, make it a fun day …  with friends or with wonderful You!


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