Wisdom on Sunday

Wisdom Oracle: Card 21

Are you focusing too much on other people right now? As you go about the business of helping others, you are being reminded that it is imperative that you are taking care of You first.

You cannot nourish those in need from an empty cup, and may not actually be helping in the best possible way by putting yourself last. Allowing others to take responsibility for themselves empowers them to be stronger than they know they are.

When it is your calling and purpose to help others you must ensure that you are not enabling them. By allowing them to steer their own ship, knowing they have your full support and unconditional love, will help lift them to where they need to be to help themselves.

Honour your calling to be of service. Rather than doing for others who can do for themselves, teach by example, and show them the way.


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  1. alihaigh365 says:

    Yep i needed to hear that Cal…..thank you for the wise words! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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