Update: Immunotherapy Consult

You know you’re from Australia: when you leave for your husband’s doctors appointment at 8:30am and it’s almost 10pm when you get home. You’ve covered 630km by car in the round trip and got to eat really good hot chips and gravy, from the caltex – on the way home for dinner, yes you were starving!

Yesterday was Bren’s first immunotherapy consult. We had spoken with Dr Joshua previously, prior to Brendan registering in the MoST Programe. He is a pleasant enough man, and all business due, I imagine, to how busy he is.

He explained how the immunotherapy trial works and addressed the side effects that range from minor to extremely serious, common to very rare. (ratios of 1 out of 10 to 1 out of 100 kind of statistics.)  If Brendan is well enough to participate in this trial, from what I understand, he will be one of 68 patients doing so in Australia. We will know when his blood work and CT scan results come back, if he is able to move forward with the trial treatment.

In simple terms, as I heard the explanation, Bren will receive two drugs through infusion over an 8 month period. In the first 3 months, this will be done fortnightly (each infusion taking only about 4 hours – not that long considering some of his chemo infusions ran for 7 days.) Both drugs serve a particular purpose: one breaks down the protective shell that surrounds the cancer cells/tumour and the other is like a master switch that turns on the patient’s immune system. The hope is that Bren’s own immune system will then attack the cancer.

He will be monitored by the team, (and we will have to monitor his wellness at home) very carefully so that adverse effects, if any, can be caught before doing any damage.

He may have to undergo radiation on the ribs that now have lesions in them, to control he’s pain, prior to starting the trial; ensuring that if everything else is good to go, he will be strong enough to withstand the upcoming treatment.

It’s time to jump in with both feet again.

Live your life fearlessly …  a quote inspired by Anita Moorjani,  cancer survivor and author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Dying to be Me, is my favourite right now!

Life’s good and hope is limitless.

Cal x

When the moon, the stars and planet align – miracles happen 🙂

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