Tapping: EFT, emotional freedom technique – there seems to be a lot about it in the media at the moment and from where I’m watching, either everything that was old is new again or those talking about it in the media now are really slow coming to what has been a simple and effective tool to retrain your brain to a more positive, optimistic and confident way of thinking – about any area of your life, since 1995. It is a method I, along with many others, have been using effectively for years.

It was funny watching three television presenters madly tapping their faces in every which direction one morning this week, amusing each other as they did, while introducing this new method of  ”weight control??” – I guess every segment needs an angle! The funniest thing about the whole scene unfolding nationally on TV was their obvious and complete lack of understanding about what it was they were introducing. It was pretty funny to watch, entertaining even, for someone half asleep and not quite all the way through her first cappuccino for the day.

If you really want to know more about EFT: out of curiosity or maybe you are interested in the technique as a tool to support wellness, you can actually go to the founder; Gary Craig’s website https://www.emofree.com/. It will not cost you anything to learn EFT (tapping) straight from the original source, from an extensive library of free workshops, courses and how to videos. Don’t be tempted to pay for a spin off course in EFT until you have browsed his website, especially if your goal is to use the technique for personal treatment; because Gary Craig shares his EFT technique with you – without charge. You will find all the information you need to learn this effective skill available to you FREE, requiring only a commitment of your time.

I know FREE … I’ve said it a lot, but it’s rare to get anything for FREE theses days.

You can make a donation to the website if you wish…but it is not required. The information is there for all.

As with all things where opportunity can be found, there are 100’s of spin-offs of the original EFT method, each reflecting a different set of beliefs and preferences.  With no standards of teaching whatsoever and although similar to the original, each spin off is very different.

You can see Gary Craig’s thoughts on EFT spin offs HERE

I suggest, of course, that you learn EFT here from the source … where everything is detailed, consistent and absolutely free.  But, if you wish to explore the spin-offs, you will find them all over the internet.  They tend to use some form of the name EFT or its well known nickname, Tapping, in their titles.

– Gary Craig

Source: https://www.emofree.com/


This is not a paid post, Gary Craig would have no idea who I am or that I have used his method of EFT for years and there is no reason that he should. I, however, am very grateful to him.

Having said that I am sharing this info for three reasons:

  1. I have personally found it to be a really useful tool that works well with my Reiki teachings & practice, it helps with stress and anxiety,  confidence building, self empowerment and nervousness. God knows I’ve needed help with all of those in recent times.
  2. I would hate to think people I know are paying for spin off courses when you can learn this method of practice for Free, online, from the man that created it.
  3. I would also hate to think people that I know, who would benefit from learning this method of practice didn’t , for financial reasons – because they can – in their own time, from their own home, for FREE.

So, if you are so inclined – go forth and tap into your confidence and inner strength good people. I’m very glad I did all those years ago.

Cal xx


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