Bren and I do retro well in our house, but for some reason the kids don’t enjoy the fact that we resist updating…almost everything, including our phones until we absolutely have no choice but to. Sadly, we did have to replace our little, old, white VW Golf recently, as the window wouldn’t wind up and fixing them was more trouble than she was worth. It was a have to situation.

Our TV is older than many but works great, you just have to turn her on and off a few times before she warms up, and as I type this I’m looking through a pair of glasses that I have put the arm back on with a bag tie. Which works well and will do for now, I can see perfectly through them! I don’t think I would consider us frugal, more unwilling to give up on things that still have life and value left in them. My father has taught me well. Waste not want not – an old but valuable lesson.

I haven’t been blogging much lately, and have missed you guys. Here’s a quick update…

The days are flying by and my little family continue to float along in a bubble that we have been banished to and have built around us, we are trying, but not terribly hard to keep pace with the world around us. We are  as present as  we can right now, as we shift gear and go where this cancer juggernaut takes us.

The last month has been pretty rough on Bren. Pain, treatment, travel, the vomiting and the general feeling of malaise that come with all of that, have been horrible for him. Although I think he’s looking a little better now the trial is over, for him, I’m not sure if he feels it, and he wouldn’t say if he doesn’t because he’s not a complainer, not even when he could or should be.

His daily life is limited due to the pain and there are no new oncology treatments on the horizon. Fortunately he has been able to go back on the pazopanib, now the trial treatment has finished. We think the pazopanib was at least slowing the disease down before Bren went off it to start the trial, and so we are hoping that it will do that again. I would love to see him able to get off the lounge, where he is currently living 24/7 (it is the only place he can get comfortable,) and back to being as active as he was in January.

We’ll take swimming in the ocean, long walks on the beach with the kids and dog, sleeping in a bed  and being able to sit in the car, comfortably, so he can go places and do things again. All the everyday stuff he could do before the trial that he can’t do aright now. We want all that back for him, because the confinement is really hard. ‘Four wall, wash basin and a prison bed,’ nails it.

Bren started back on the oral chemo (pazopanib) last Friday, so our fingers are crossed, prayers and positive thoughts are focused on him  getting back to where he was again.

We are as optimistic, hopeful and determined as ever 🙂

Talk soon

Cal x



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  1. Sweet Nan says:

    “Being” works. Hope things will ease up to “being better.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. calliemm says:

      Thank you Sweet Nan …me too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. missy512 says:

    Continued prayers for you my friend and especially Bren! We’ve missed you. No guilt, but I so enjoy your posts. If and when you can…keep writing. You are a voice that brings light into this world and into others circumstances! God bless y’all💕


    1. calliemm says:

      Thank you missy512, for your prayers and encouragement. The time will come, when Bren’s health improves, that I wont only have the time to write more often-but to also read more of my favourite blogs (like yours), too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. missy512 says:

        Your too kind. We will walk together in great anticipation!💙


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