Daily Prompt: Create

It was the beginning. Maybe of time, maybe of all things, maybe just of me! It was beautiful, magical, and serene. Although I could see, hear and smell everything, and be everything – nothing was there.

I heard a voice speak to me. It sounded like a thousand angels singing. No, I felt it speak to me. It felt neither male nor female; it was simply the most beautiful feeling in the world.

‘Are you ready my sweet child?’

I was.

Now I was sitting at the beach, or floating, or maybe I wasn’t there at all. In front of me a suspended, sheer, silvery sheet hovered, blurring the scene behind it. As I watch intently, a movie began to play – a baby was born. The scenes flickered by quickly as the girl grew into a woman. It was a good life.

The voice announced itself again. ‘That is your life’s first act. Your choices to this point have merely set the scene for the second in the life you are creating – you have chosen a two act play. Now it is time to choose what happens next, choose wisely!’

The movie rolled again, I watched as my dream life continued to unfold in front of me.

‘I don’t need to see more!’ I felt myself convey strongly, before the movie ended. ‘This is the life I choose!’

‘Are you sure?’ I felt the reply ‘If you are sure you want this life, I must tell you there are conditions.’

I was sure, and needed not hear anymore. It seemed, however, there was a way of doing things here, an order to observe. It was a loving way of Being; respectful and patient – so I listened.

‘This life you wish to claim has been much sort after, until the conditions are stated.  The conditions are why it remains unclaimed. My sweet child I’m not sure if you are ready for it.’

‘Then tell me the conditions, but I promise you I won’t be swayed.’

‘Very well, you are choosing a life with your match made in heaven. The two of you will enjoy a strong and loving partnership, friendship and romance. You will create a calm and stress free life together, as you raise two incredibly kind and loving children. You will be rich in love, family and community, all the things that matter to you.’

‘Yes, that is why I wish to claim this life.’

‘You have not heard the conditions’

‘They will not sway me!’

‘If you choose this life, when your children reach the tender age of ten, you will give up the carefree life you have built together and accept that it will be replaced with great pain, illness, sacrifice and suffering. You will however retain love, friendship and strength of community.’

‘And if I choose option two, will it be easier?’

‘Yes! There will be no great pain, illness, sacrifice or suffering.’’

‘And so if I choose to take option two, do I still share my life with the man and children I have already fallen in love with?’

‘No, that is the condition. Option two comes to you with a different family and different life lessons, easier life lessons, but not necessarily better life lessons. So now the choice is yours.’

I sat replaying option one, watching the family I yearned for, over and over again, allowing my heart to break open each time the suffering started and the story ended…and then I was ready.

‘I will choose now.’

‘What is your choice my sweet child’

‘Option one.’

‘You are strong my child!’

‘I am not,’ I said ‘not strong enough to withstand the suffering that would come from never knowing this family, my family.’

I paused, took a deep breath and felt the love of the universe fill my heart.

‘Yes! Option one, please!’

‘And so it is! Sleep now child – you are ready, I will see you when the end becomes the beginning again.’


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    1. calliemm says:

      Thank you 50srosegirl. It’s amazing what comes through in a one word writing challenge 🙂


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