Daily Prompt: Meddle

Meddle, no I wouldn’t say meddled! Condescending, yes – she’s been that, but she has never meddled. It’s not her fault, and I understand why she is the way she is with me; he was her everything before I came along, I think he still is.

He doesn’t catch her dismissive looks or argumentative nature, that is pretty much all saved for me. And I take it, most times. After all, I’m the oldest – wiser, I’m supposed to have more self control. I have broad shoulders and I’ve always known where I stand. Usually, there is no need to engage, so I don’t, I know it’s best if I just walk away…higher ground and all that.

But I draw the line at being made feel like I’ve worn out my welcome in my own home, by someone who doesn’t live in it. So today I walked away, again.

This time, I didn’t go back!

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