Daily Prompt: Relieved

The Journaling Technique (or guided writing): is one of many that I use to connect with a greater wisdom through meditation, I will sometimes journal just to strengthen my spiritual connection, other times to seek solace, wisdom and a greater understanding of what is.

In these sessions I have had many conversations with Solomon, he comes into my thoughts as a strong, masculine energy, and is full of wisdom. When we communicate his main focus is on the present. Which prompted the following question in one session.

Q: Why do you choose not to talk past and future?

I thought the answer was – profound…

A: Because they are quite irrelevant to you today! Live in the Now and enjoy what you have, rather than longing for what was or what may be – in doing so you are relieved of the burden of being in too many places at once.

The past; yours and mine, are mere memories of journeys complete. As each day closes, that chapter is done, the story is told. Yes, memories of the past can be pleasant and comforting in remembering; yet some can limit your life out of fear, of not living up to what you have held onto in your imagination. Whatever you are holding onto from the past, it won’t change what is –now.

As for the future, it is a blank book better written day by day, as, if you jump ahead of yourself you may write a story that is inferior to the one already unfolding in real time – in doing so keeping your life smaller than what it may have been. So you see the wise will always respect the past, hope for the future and live well now.

Is it a challenge? For some, it takes a lot of substance to live with presence, and experience each day as it unfolds. Be it a good day or not. Remove all blame that has lead to any situation you find yourself in at any one time – because of what was. Relieve yourself from the theory that in time there will be a better day. Make it a better day today! You have that power, use it. The situation will always be what it is, what you can change is the way you see it and how you will react to it.

You are the power behind all that you do, use your power wisely and each day will be less challenging, more peaceful and harmonious.


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  1. alihaigh365 says:

    …….so eloquently penned Cal x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. calliemm says:

      all I have to do is listen and write Ali xx


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