Daily Prompt: Paper

It was one of the most surreal moments of my life: the day I met Solomon. I have observed, shared and used the techniques of Reiki practice since 2002, and have been a student of spirituality all my life. Absorbing all of my teachers and mentors knowledge along with any books on the topic that I could get my hands on, as fast as I could. The one thing I have never been able to conquer is meditation.

A Gemini’s mind is pretty hard to still, so about 6 or 7 years ago a friend suggested I try guided meditation.

I waited until my husband had gone to work and the children had gone to school to set myself up. The house was quiet and I found the perfect meditation on youtube to follow. It was called Meet your Guardian Angel and was very gentle, soothing, and most importantly for me, short – only about 15 minutes.

I followed the guided prompts with ease, and at the very end of the session I was guided to ask my Guardian’s name and so I did. Not expecting to get an answer. You can imagine my surprise, or shock really when a quiet, strong, male voice answered. “I am Solomon,” it was all he said in that session.

What has this got to do with paper you might ask, and it is a very good question. After the initial shock of receiving an answer in this meditation subsided, I tried again. Over the years I have sat many times with Solomon in meditation and he has become a trusted friend. On each visit he usually leaves me with a gift of wisdom. Including the two made of paper, or more likely parchment, that I received soon after our first meeting .

The first was a beautiful golden scroll. As the paper unravelled from around it, on it was written the story of my life, I have not to this point been ready to read it, but he assures me it is unfolding as it should. The second was a heavy, leather bound journal, with gold dipped edging on each page, he said ‘this is your book of life; fill it with love, compassion and wisdom. Share it with the world.”

I continue to write with Solomon to this day, although not nearly as often as I should. His words are full of wisdom and practical guidance, he will chastises me when I lack motivation and am self doubting, and he champions me when I am on track. He gets me.

Everyone should have a friend like Solomon.


If you aren’t ready to try a guided meditation, simply take out a crisp A4 sheet of white paper, sit comfortably in a quiet place with pen or pencil poised and see what words you are guided to write; you might be surprised at what comes to you – or through you.

It’s a great way to relax. Enjoy!


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