Book Review: Dying to be Me

Dying to Be Me – by Anita Moorjani

This book first came to my attention while sitting watching Ellen, one very ordinary day – my husband was lying on the lounge, asleep, beside me. When Ellen mentioned Dying to be Me to one of her guests, my attention was piqued. As many of you know, my husband has cancer and I am his carer. They were discussing a book about beating cancer! I ordered it within minutes of hearing about it.

A deeply personal journey about the authors own cancer story and her miraculous recovery, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. When it arrived in the post I ripped it open and devoured it within days of turning the first page.

Beautifully written and easy to read Anita’s heartfelt rendition of her life leading up to her diagnosis was both interesting and entertaining. Yet it was not so much her life story or her cancer story that followed (I was watching my husband live his as I read hers) that really got me. It was her most magnificent near death experience when here organs started shutting down, and the wisdom shared with her at that time, that left me with the most overwhelming sense of peace I have experienced.

‘Ohh . . . I’m dying! Is this what it feels like? It’s nothing like I ever imagined. I feel so beautifully peaceful and calm . . . and I feel healed at last!’ – Anita’s thoughts in the midst of her NDE – from Dying to be Me

This book has answered so many questions for me, some I hadn’t even thought to ask, that I have to believe it came to me, as many of my books do, divinely.

Certain books have pushed me along my life’s path. Came to me at the right time, and I would soon find myself in the right place armed with the right information. Dying to be Me is one of them. It is full of really practical insights on life and beyond and well worth snuggling up with on a cold winter’s day…or sunny summer afternoon!


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