Daily Prompt: Jangle

Several years ago, while in meditation, my guide Solomon gifted me a bell. It was magnificent and the jangle angelic as he passed it gently between us. As always, I couldn’t wait to find out what the bell meant to me. Why it was given and how I would use it.

The first interpretation that came to me, suggested that the bell represented ‘the voice of God’ or (pure knowledge) the dome of the bell has been called the ‘Vault of heaven,’ the bell’s circumference is thought to represent ‘all that is on earth’ and the clapper the ‘voice of divinity’.

How I interpreted this symbolic gift? We all carry the voice of God or (pure knowledge) within, when we truly listen to our divine inner voice we understand ‘all that is of heaven and earth is ours’ – we can be limited or set free by what we know and the things we choose to believe.

How I was meant to use the bell – share it’s message of magnificence with the world, one person at a time if that is what it takes.

And so I do!


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