Anna Voice of the Magdalene: a Book Review – sort of!

Anna The Voice of the Magdalene – by Claire Heartsong

Not so much a book review as an answer to why I do what I do – not that you asked, but sometimes I do 🙂

Some books fall into your lap for a reason, this was another that came to me as a gift (my friends know me so well)  it was at a time I was searching for some clarity – I found it in Anna, The Voice of the Magdalene.

This book didn’t so much teach as it did remind me of everything I already knew. Reaffirming why I am here and why I am driven to do what I do. It is the a story of a family and their community, written in interview format that allows those speaking to spread the same love and healing today as they did when they walked the earth themselves.

It is a fascinating look at life way back as early as 14AD, and how we at our very heart center aren’t that different to those that have gone before us. The way we live is different, who we are – not so much.

‘Therefore, our vision encompasses men and women walking together as equals, where families, communities and nations honour differences and similarities, allowing and encouraging everyone to express their infinite potential’ – From the three Mary’s Blessings: Forward-26 … an example of the wisdom you will find in this beautiful book.

Why do I feel connected personally to this books and the story of the family at its center? I think  because my ‘maiden’ name – as in the name that was mine when I was considered a maiden (yes I am smiling, tongue in cheek, even as I write that!) my maiden name is Maddalena  – the Italian translation (the family lineage I feel most connected to) of Magdalene.

So I feel I not only want to lend my voice to this book, in its very tile it is asking me too.

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes is the sequel to Anna, grandmother of Jesus.

Both books are a standalone read, I read Voice of the Magdalene first and then couldn’t wait to get my hands on Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. You will be fascinate by these books if you have an open mind and are curious about who Jesus may have been and how he and his extended family may have lived their earthly lives.

Now I’m just going to say this for anyone who may be thinking it – no I don’t think I am anymore likely to be linked to the Lineage of anyone in this book, than anyone else who reads it, just because my maiden name translates to Magdalene. Even if I was it wouldn’t matter, as it is not important who we have been in the past – only who we are in the present.

These books really just reminded me that I was on the right path, as far as the things I am passionate about – the things I want to share with the world. Knowing my name may have derived from an order of men and women who worked with energy in one aspect of the healing work they did, and supported the ill, the infirm and down trodden – always, who were scribes, recorder keepers and storytellers – well, there was some clarity in that for me. And I think there could be something in this book for everyone.

If your interest has been piqued you can pick yourself up a copy of Anna, Voice of the Magdalene at:

 The Book Depository

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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