Daily Prompt: Bury

She buried her face in her hands and cried. This is not the life she had imagined. Her childhood dreams were dashed; all she could do was put on a brave face and keep going. People depended on her. The white picket fence, surrounding a perfect little cottage with lavender edging the pretty red brick path was not to be. Nor the laughter of children as their daddy pulled into the driveway.

Her excitement at filling her first stadium now fills her with sadness, the sacrifice of fame came at a price she hadn’t realised she would pay. She always felt there would be time to fulfill her real dream, so she agreed to one more album; one more tour – one more year of her life.

Now it was too late, her loneliness had become her legacy. She threw down another tequila shot as she waited to go on. It was time, bury the pain, smile – sing.


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