The Story of Us -Update


Feature Image: Photo Credit, Debbie Maddalena-Saunders. Family- Cousins, 

How fast did those two weeks go! I love the school holidays so am feeling a little sad that they are all but over.  The kids are at friend’s houses and Bren and Otis are both asleep so I have a few minutes to write a quick update.

Bren has had a very up and down couple of weeks. He has been really unwell some days and the pain isn’t always easy to manage. Because the cancer is limiting what he can do at the moment we aren’t doing much at all. Winter is the perfect time for that! There has been lots of cuddling up on the lounge watching Netflix.

So this post is more a thank you really: to the Saunders, the Finlays, the Cutlers, The Canberra Maddalenas and the Redmans, who have all made sure the kids weren’t limited to spending their holidays in our lounge room too. You guys rock, thank you for making sure Tyz and Bades got out and about and really had a great time the last two weeks. Nothing could make us happier xx


Photo Credit: Kylie Finlay. Family-Cousins


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