Have you got Moxie?

Daily Prompt: Moxie

It was the most beautiful day. We sat on the white powdery sand and watched the turquoise blue ocean kiss the shore. The sun bounced off the crystal clear water like small scattering diamonds. Yeah, I liked this guy.

‘Take me to the beach and I’m yours forever!’ I thought to myself, looking at him with what was probably a really stupid grin on my face. He just smiled back and turned his face to the sun, resting back on his elbows. A great body, great smile, cute as hell! There had to be something wrong with him, surely, nobody’s that perfect. Well his body was, but you know what I mean.

I went back to reading my book as he sat up to read the paper. This was turning out to be a great first date! I finished the second chapter and glanced up just in time to see an extremely attractive woman setting her towel and bag down, almost on top of us. Tall, lean, long blonde hair, extremely pretty. Really! First date happening here- give us a bit of f-ing room please! There’s a whole beach stretching out in front of you! Apparently she couldn’t read my mind.

I gave him a quick sideways glance; he didn’t seem to notice her. Busy reading the sports section I guess. He really might be perfect. I sat up to rubbed some more suntan lotion onto my arms and chest. Aussie sun, you know, can’t be too careful – as Miss Summer Sun 1995 decided to disrobe. Elegantly stepping out of her barely there beach cover up she meandered down to the surf wearing, wait for it, the tiniest black Brazilian bikini bottom I’d ever seen! And nothing more!

This time my glance sideways was none too subtle! I looked at him mouth agape. He smiled at me and looked back at the paper he was reading. ‘She’s got moxie!’ was all he said as he read on, seemingly unperturbed.

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