Drink, drink and be merry…or not!

Augustine Wilton

Daily Prompt: Dormant

“Dorminantly…13, 14, 16. Count em’ and weep girlfriend!” Alice yelled. She was obviously proud of herself, as she took a shot of tequila followed by a solid lemon wedge suck. Her tequila drinking technique had improved over the years. I’d seen her drink it straight from the bottle, throw up, pick the worm out of the vomit and eat it. True story!

‘There is no such word as dormanantly!’ I said, picking up the small dictionary beside the board and flicking through it to prove my point.

‘Yes, there is… She drank too much tequila and slept dormanantly.’

‘Yeah, nah there isn’t! She became comatose after drinking too much tequila.’

‘OK – you don’t win, I’m going to disagree to agree with your challenge, pour me more tequila so I can become dormanantly comatose please.’

‘Alice, you keep missing a step, salt then lemon — and listen, he’s not worth the hangover you’re going to have in the morning.’

She looked at me, thought for a minute, went to speak, didn’t, and then pulled her scattered, slightly inebriated  thoughts together…

‘Well guess what Augustine, that’s what you said about Will too. Why are you always right? Anyway I’ve never had a hangover that wasn’t worth having. So you’re wrong. Have you heard from him — where is he these days? He’s a shit.’

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