Ed Sheeran sings like an angel while delivering local girls first baby?

Augustine Wilton

Daily Prompt: Harmonize

I wasn’t feeling it. The runway show was only a couple of weeks away and things weren’t coming together. The warehouse was a perfect fit for my first collection, but I couldn’t find any sort of harmony between the music, the location and the ambiance I was trying to create. It needed to be dark, moody and sexy. It had to move to a hypnotic beat that would climax to a celestial crescendo when the show stopper appears. I want buyers, editors and guests alike to gasp in shock and appreciation.

This show needs to sing like a choir of angels harmonizing as if the first child were born. This is my first child. My baby! I need music so sweet people will cry. I need Ed Sheeran! Maybe he would be over joyed to help out a fellow Farmlingham kid. Because, you know –we all know each other. It’s a small town. Well of course we don’t know each other, but he might do it.  He might say, ‘August Belmont, she’s a hometown kid; I’ll sing like an angel at her runway show. It’s a date, I’ll be there.’ I can see the headline now!


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