Heartbreak-can it be cured?

Augustine Wilton

Daily Prompt: Tea

If only a cup of tea fixed everything. I know my Nana always said it did. It doesn’t. It didn’t fix the fact that Alice’s heart was broken when Wilton friend zoned her because he had his heart aimed squarely at me. It didn’t fix anything, especially not Wilton’s heart, when I told him he wasn’t the Wilton for me. It didn’t fix anything the morning my Poppa said his final goodbyes to Nana as he packed up their lovely London flat to move in with us.

Tea’s good Nana, but not that good I fear — a hearts hard to fix. Even after gallons of good old rosie lee, the kind of pain love creates can’t always be drowned, not for me anyway.  A song, a film — just sitting in a cafe and it all comes tumbling back. It doesn’t matter if it’s the emptiness and sorrow of a lifetime of love gone – the sting and humiliation of love unrequited or the loss of your best friend. Missing someone you love is painful and can strike you unawares at anytime. I missed Will everyday, even when we still lived next door to each other– especially then.

Do hearts ever heal? Or do they stay a little damaged with every break? Maybe in time it gets better, but even then the cracks can still be seen. Will Wilton and I ever be friends again? Too many questions and not many answers today.

Why do I feel so horribly melancholy? Because you’re lonely August!

Geez, I know I’m having a shit day when I start talking to myself.

Now, where’s my tea! The service is usually better here…

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