An August Wedding

Daily Prompt: Hidden

The euphoria of the runway show hadn’t really died down. She deserved to revel in it and did. The applause and the camera flashes as she took her bow on the night, an exquisite model standing effortlessly poised and stunningly beautiful beside her, resplendent in the pièces de résistance — was like nothing she had experienced before. It felt like heaven.

Alice brought her back to earth as she barreled breathlessly through the large glass doors of their showroom. Antoinette & Augustine had exploded in the month since Paris. It had been the perfect place for their first runway.

August’s designs and vision for her Augustine ready to wear collection was all her. Antoinette Couture lingerie wasn’t, it was inspired by the French queen of queens herself. After all there was every chance that one of her ancestors had dressed Marie Antoinette. If she had worn underwear, Augstine knew it would have looked like the beautiful pieces she created for Antoinette’s couture collection.

If her parents and grandfather had been surprised by the unstructured look of her ready to wear they would be shocked by her couture. Expecting a stunning range of tailored gowns, they were stunned by the exquisite, softly tailored lingerie — each piece gracing the runway intricately embellished with tiny pearls, crystals and lace. The empty seat beside her father was a sore point for August. It seemed Wilton hadn’t bothered to turn up. She wasn’t shocked though, disappointed –yes, but not shocked.

Harri, on the other hand couldn’t have looked prouder if he’d tried. Sweeping her off her feet as she came off the runway, he slipped the ring on her ring finger that had been hidden in his coat pocket for a month. He kissed her hard and disappeared into the crowd with a stupidly big grin on his face and not a single word, wanting her to go bask in the glory of success.

As she made her way backstage through a throng of scantily dressed models, production crew, buyers, family and friends all excitedly celebrating the success of the show – she looked down to see a beautiful Tiffany’s solitaire on her finger. Coming to an abrupt halt, she had run smack bang into someone wearing a custom Belmont — she excused herself as she looked up to see Wilton staring back at her. He wasn’t happy.

‘Are you still staring at that ring?’ Alice asked as she dropped a dozen copies of Glamour Magazine on the desk. ‘The editor called, by the way the ready to wear feature looks fantastic – they want Antoinette on the cover of next month’s issue. Strike while the iron’s hot and all that. Have you seen him since you got the sparkler?’

‘Not really.’

‘Has he said anything to Harri?’


‘Do you think he’ll come to the wedding?’




NB: this was the last of a series of 10 Augustine Wilton (Daily Prompt) posts. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them.

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