Writing from within

The following is an except from a creative writing course exercise I am currently doing: called The Way of Story Writing.

The exercise was to sit before a fresh page, clear your mind and write what comes from within. I have practiced guided writing for years so found it to be one of the easiest exercises so far.

Although very personal, I thought maybe there was some wisdom here that was worthy of sharing:

Writing from within…

You have been on an arduous path. You will continue as you are for a period of time yet. But I have been telling you for a while now that things aren’t always as they seem. This is still the case. Rise above what you know and what you can see from your earthly perception and look at where you are from above. Let your heart lead you to where healing can occur. It can.

The principle purpose of your path has not changed my child. Your work with Him has not changed either. Your story remains the same as your bond strengthens, and all those around you learn that things aren’t always as they seem. This perception applies to all aspects of your life and relationships with self and others. You can only know what you know; they can only know what they know. Not necessarily the truth, but your truth – their truth.

Work from your heart centre my child, and he will work from his, be still and turn your attention within – the answers you seek will be there. It is time to reconcile where you have been to clear the path for where you are going.

All is well and as it should be, fear not my child, fear not!


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